Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey darlings,

We've updated again!
Please click on the older post to browse more garments and for previous batch.
I hope you girls enjoy our collection and happy e-shopping! Thank you! :)
This batch of items are fully imported from overseas.
However, all clothes available are non restockable, otherwise stated.
This is because some of our clothes are already sold out offline before we update it to our blog.
All items comes only with one design per piece!
Therefore, do drop by to pick your desire clothes or handbags before its gone!

Kindly place your order form by e-mail us your purchase stated below.
On the other hand, do browse our SALES site to grab your desire clothes. All items sold in sales site are non re-stockable and prices going cheap!!


1. We only entertain serious buyers only. Once confirmation is made, strictly no back-outs.

2. First come first serve basis. Reservation can only be hold up to 2 days. Priority will be given to those who are able to made immediate payment once confirmation is made.


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